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Fitness is a lifestyle


At INTENSITY, we tie population fitness directly to the health and fitness issues. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care alternative are point in the wrong direction. These traditional efforts are what we call sensitive, for example we wait until we have been stricken with illness or injury, and then pay for the necessary treatments. Our contemporary approach, which emphasizes prevention and good health and fitness promotion, is much more proactive.


INTENSITY encourages and creates opportunities for people to design healthy lifestyle for self, their family and friends. We are agents of change, and we are Future Obesity Problem Solving Agents (FOPSA). High Tech age appropriate cardio equipment and health and fitness planning tools are utilized to improve individual well-being status with targeted personal interventions.


Our Fitness package includes CardioThreater,Strength Zone,Free Weights,Diet Programs,Functional Zone,Gorup Fitness and Personal Trainer. We work passionately to provide you unrivalled fitness experience which impel you to push your fitness limits by providing you the expert guidance from our fitness specialists.

About Us

Welcome to Intensity

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We all want to be fit, maintain a good health, food habits and live a healthy lifestyle. We want to look good, have productive working hours, maintain high volume of awareness and be active with multi-tasking to face the ever changing challenges that life throws at us.

Your Gym, Your Space

INTENSITY Offering a top quality Cardio, Free Weight & Strength training. It also has expert trainers for personalized & group workout session. One of the best gym that offers activities from weight lifting to kick boxing. Our gyms provide Zumba & Aerobics classes. Fitness is not all about weight loss, the best gyms take you to a step higher, we are one of the best gym, and we make you super fit. We are agents of change, and we are dealing for Future Obesity, so we called ourselves FOPSA (Future Obesity Problem Solving Agents). High Tech age appropriate cardio equipment and health and fitness planning tools are utilised to improve individual wellbeing status with targeted personal interventions.

Fit For Life

Achieve maximum results after high-intensity workout, fuel for your skeletal muscles & enhances stamina


We organise fitness exercise classes to suit various needs ranging from weight maintenance/ reduction, muscle building/ strengthening, tummy training.

Personal Training

Personal Trainer's educate you, correct your form, more importantly, they minimise time wasted and maximize results by guiding you with both long-term and short term realistic goals.

Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone.It is a crucial part of your routine to make your muscles grow stronger and build endurance.

Boot Camp

Boot camps combine strength and cardio exercises for a full-body burn.

Cardio Threater

Cardio Training helps you get your heart beat racing, which in turn strengthens the muscles working in tandem with your blood flow rate. Cardio Training helps you build stronger and more effective heart function, prevents heart diseases and releases the happy hormones ‘endorphines’, overall making us feel great and de-stressed


Group Training gives you the competitive edge and helps you push harder than ever due to the shared energy. Come, join our diverse range of Group Training programs, where you’ll get to socialize and work towards one common goal, that is FITNESS.

Why Choose us

Our goal is to guide you to success while giving you the tools that will allow you to thrive!
We have a full range of equipment and keep it working at its best. Best of all, we have a juice bar where you can get.Make your workouts work harder.

Strength Zone

Get in shape & build Muscle as much as you can anytime.

Private SHowers

Take bath any time in your own shower.

Cardio Equipments

Trademils, Cross Trainer,Bikes & many mores



While working out, you can use lockers to store valuables such as jewelry, keys, and your phone.

Juice Bar

Try Our Healthy Signature Menu.

Personal Trainer

Tread mill, ropes, bicycles and many more.

First Aid

Come anytime and enjoy your workout.


Relax in warm tub after workout

Mindful enviorment

Mindfulness can be used alongside regular exercise to help us improve our fitness levels

247 gym


You’ll Enjoy Working Out Anytime With 24/7 Access To Our Fully-Equipped Gym.



Massage helps you recover better after your workout sessions.



creating personalized nutrition plans for athletes, people with lifestyle disorders, and the general population.


Don't believe us. check client word

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Rajendra Solanki
Rajendra Solanki
Raju Solanki
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Started with new owners with new upgraded infrastructure. Mr. Prashant Soni personally available at Gym to take care of all clients. Mr. Soni is international Gym Trainer. He give me best plans for future health care.
Rajendra Solanki
Rajendra Solanki
Raju Solanki
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Great gym very good staff Very helpfull, Very supportive trainers. Pleasure to being part of it. Keep it up Intensity beyond fitness.
Rajendra Solanki
Rajendra Solanki
Raju Solanki
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It's excellent services by all the staff all instruments are excellent studio is quite good and all equipments inside studio is excellent canteen is quite excellent receptionist are good 👍all staff and trainers are excellent

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